(braised lamb in white wine with georgian seasonings)

49 zł
(Ukrainian dumplings with meat)

22 zł
(georgian dumplingss with meat)

27 zł

(lamb with eggplant, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, corriander and garlic)

52 zł

Cziżi Piżi
(grilled vegetables with lamb meat, roasted under cheese and egg)

29 zł

(vegetables with potatoes beef and lamb meat)

32 zł

Leg of lamb
(Roasted lamb shank served on buckwheat mousse with cauliflower , olive oil and mint sauce with goat cheese)

49 zł

(5 meat rollers, served with rice and potatoes and balkan sauces-tzatziki, lutenica)

34 zł

(lamb/beef, rolled with becon, served with lutenica and tzatziki sauces, rice and potatoes)

34 zł

Chicken with tarragon
(Chicken breast baked in kiecach with mushrooms, onions, Georgian cheese and tarragon)

34 zł

Gurmanska pleskavica
(beef-lamb chop mixed with balkan cheese, bacon, onion, spicy paprika served with potatoes and salad)

42 zł

Cziżi Pizi vegetarian
(Stewed vegetables baked with fried egg under cheese)

21 zł

Set 1
(Dish of grilled meat for 2 people. Pork loin, eggplant, potatoes, carrots, peppers, garlic, onions, mushrooms served with bread and sauce Georgian + two glasses of wine)

69 zł

Set 2
(Meszana Skara - plate of grilled meat: 2x pork neck, 2x chicken, 2x kufte, 2x kebabcze, potatoes, rice and sauces)

79 zł

Set 3 Georgian feast
(lobio, 5x eggplant stuffed with nut paste, georgian salad, chaczapuri, 2x lula kebab shaslik, 2x chicken shaslhik, 2x pork neck shaslik, georgian bread+two glasses of georgian wine)

169 zł


Lula kebab
(shashlik, minced meat beef-pork served with potatoes and salad)

32 zł

Lula kebab
(lamb meat shashlik, served with lawas bread, potatoes ans salad)

38 zł

Chicken breast shashlik
(served with lawasz bread, potatoes and salad)

34 zł

Pork neck shaslik
(ed with lawasz bread, potatoes and salad)

34 zł

- potato with herbs - 6zł
- french fries - 6zł
- rise with vegetables - 6zł
- bread - 6zł
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