Great cuisine in Little Georgia.
After a visit to the Little Georgia is to certify that this is my discovery of the season (and who knows, or maybe even year). Prices - adequate to the quality of meals and the atmosphere is asked to relax longer after a meal.

We stumbled across this gem while looking for dinner, having never had Georgian food we decided to give it a go and were not disappointed!! Loved the double cheese bread dish - great prices and large meals! You won't be disappointed!

Emma Heywood
Canberra, Australia

Opening of the Little Georgia is like a breath of fresh air. Among the many bland soup kitchen referring to the authentic roots, this is a real Star.

Maria Synoradzka

Sipping "Tarhun" (which is a Georgian lemonade), chatting with support, who is endearingly so nice and provide comprehensive information on the local gastronomy that every visit to the Little Georgia is not only a culinary pleasure.

Ewelina Kustra

Holy crap, what a delicious place!
Little Georgia is definitely a must see to visit! The service is very nice, ladies know exactly what is on the card and what is it! The food is delicious, melting in your mouth, freshly prepared. Dumplings in broth are so popular that you have to book your table earlier. Food is prepared quickly and served quickly. I love to eat here.


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